Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time To Get That Tree Up

My tree is up and the lights are on it and I'm worn right smack out. Getting all the parts for this tree inside from storage and getting it put together and lights on it ranks right up there with wrestling a bear....LOL. But it's so worth it when it's all done I love the soft glow of the Christmas lights. I think the lights are one of my most favorite things of the season.
This year I have a few new ornaments to add to my tree. The first pic. is a little wooden ornament that I painted white and sponged a little blue on to make it look frosty. The second one is paper mache that I got at a craft store and painted blue I added the snowman face and snow flakes to make the body. And the last one I painted the glass icicle the added texture snow and glitter, that doesn't show up very well in my pic. I'll post more ornaments later. If you have painted ornaments for this Christmas I would like to see what everyone else has come up with let me know in a comment where I can see your ornaments. Time to go rest after a long afternoon of tree wrestling...LOL
Until next time happy painting.

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