Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Blessings

The daylight hours are getting fewer with each passing day. With that will soon come colder days, and as much as I love spring and summer and hate it see them go I do look forward to the holidays.
At the Craft Guild Shop we are bringing out the fall items for sale.

And we are gearing up for the classes that some of our members will be teaching, I'm starting a beginners painting class Saturday. In November knitting and stained glass classes will begin. After the first of the year sewing and soap making classes will be added to the list. 

Things are going well at the shop and we are grateful for all our customers.
We are always looking for someone with a different or unique craft that they would like to sell in our shop, you must live local her in Southern Maryland and be able to participate in the shop and the events we take part in. We are a co-op and having local members who can take part in our events but also be available to work in the shop is important.

For those that paint there had been some really cool patterns designed by the wonderful artists that we have all come to love over the years. If you are looking for something new or different to paint pick up one of the painting magazines and treat yourself.
If your looking for something fun to do why not get some of your friends together one evening a week and paint, you can share ideas and help each other with projects and encourage each other. If once a week is too much  maybe a Sunday brunch and a few hours to paint together once a month might work for you. Or find a class where you can join in the fun and meet new people with the same interest.  
Just pick up a brush and spend some time enjoying the process.
Painting is good for the soul.  

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