Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

What a nice day I've had, Good friends and good food to share.
I took some time to add some of my favorite Christmas music here for everyone to enjoy.
I didn't get to paint today but that's OK I'll get back to that on Sunday. I hope that you have had a special day as well and added to the good memories that you will think back on in the years to come and remember fondly.
I've been noticing that when people find their way to this blog most of the time they are searching for Snowman paintings so I'll show you one I finished last week. This is a Jamie Mills Price pattern. I've have the book for some time now but just got around to painting this cutie.
Her snowmen have the sweetest faces and the softest look.
If you want to paint a cute snowman give this one a try you won't be disappointed. Would be a great piece to paint for someone who collects snowmen.
Until next time happy painting.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Craft Show Weekend 2009

Every year I do two craft shows at two different locations and they happen to fall on the same weekend. You know that saying what doesn't Kill you will make you Stronger well it must be true.
Cause I'm still here after a very long two days.
I've been reading reports from other crafters for the last two months and lets just say most of the reports didn't sound promising. So I went out this year with low expectations. But it turned out not to be so bad after all. The show on Saturday was pretty good. Yesterday's show the sales were down but with this economy it was no surprise. But I'll say I'm grateful for the sales I had and want to thank all those that came out to shop with us. It's so great to get to see everyone from year to year and visit with other crafters that I've known for many years.
My ornaments made a big hit this year. I spend many hours making dozens of each style of ornament so I'll have enough for the two days.
There were so many nice items sold at this years show, my friend Mary makes floral arrangements and wreaths and she did very well this weekend to. There are a few fine artist Mary Lou Troutman and Alan Paganhardt that feature their work at these shows every year and they had a good weekend as well. So if you have a good product that the people want you can still make money out there.

Now that the shows are behind me it's time to get myself ready for Thanksgiving. Yes I have to put the boxes away and prep my house and shop for all the trimmings for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is such a nice day that's if you don't let yourself get caught up in all the black Friday frenzy that makes people crazy every year.
I plan on making a nice dinner to share with friends and relaxing and thanking God for His Grace and Favor in my life. Than because I work retail I'll be going to work nice and early Friday morning, OH Yipeeeee ;)
Remember while your out there shopping for that perfect gift over the weekend be kind to the folks behind the counter, we are not the ones that buy the stock that goes on the shelfs and we have no control over what the stores have or in most cases don't have.
And pay attention to your surroundings and be safe on the roads and in the malls. I hope you find that perfect gift you have in mind for the special person. Happy Shopping.

Monday, November 9, 2009

We painted pears in class yesterday and they turned out really nice. I really need to remember to take a camera with me so I can post pic's of what my wonderful students paint.
This is a Debbie Cole pattern and I enjoyed painting it , love the colors.

I know it's November but the weather has been so nice, yesterday it was 78 degrees in Southern MD. and today looks like a repeat of the same.
I think it will be a good day to get the boxes out and start pricing and packing up everything for my craft shows. Only two weeks left before the shows, and with work days that leaves very few days to get it all done. I'm still working on ornaments and a few last minute things to add to my display. I do two shows back to back in one weekend, take it from me that's a lot of packing and setting up and repacking and work for two days and on Monday I can't even move...LOL. But I do enjoy the shows and getting to see the other crafter's and my regular customers from year to year.

I'm seeing more decorative painter blogs and that makes me happy I always like to see what others are painting, lots of times I'll see something that someone else has done and it will inspire me go back and look through my patterns and find something similar to paint. Or challenge me to paint on a different surface that I had not thought about.
If you have a decorative painting blog don't be shy bring it to my attention so I can check it out.
I don't always have the time to sit here and search blogs to find them but I really do like seeing what everyone is doing. Also if your doing craft shows leave a comment I'd like to know what everyone is selling and how they set up their displays. Good luck to those doing the shows I hope you sell out everything.

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