Sunday, December 28, 2014

Will you listen......

Here we are , in last few days of the year. I find that usually the last days of the year are when I reflect back over the year and ask myself some important questions.
Such as, what have I accomplished?
Am I better off now then I was at the beginning of the year?
Did I do my best?
What have I given of myself ?
Was my time well spent?
Am I satisfied with the results of what I have done or attempted to do?
There are no right or wrong answers to my list of questions, the answers only matter to me and no one else. I will tell you I feel as though I have a better incite on what is important in life. I've been in the background observing others and I see how they have handled  terminal illness, heart ache,
fear, worry and sudden life altering changes. I've watched as one of my best friends has stood by her husband through the fight of his life to stay alive for his family in spite of a cancerous tumor in his spine. They have done everything possible to make it from one day to the next and all the rest of us can do for them is pray. Is God listening? I think so, I think he gives them the strength and determination to make it to the next day and we are all grateful for every day they have together.
A few days ago I spoke with another person I've known a long time, longer then either of us care to count back too, must mean we're getting old...LOL. Maybe only old in years, but not in mind or spirit. This friend is someone who I have admired for many years not only for his amazing artistic talent but his way of dealing with people, making everyone feel like they matter at that moment. I wonder if he even knows he has that ability, probably not. After making a life altering decision in early 2014 to change professions he went to another part of the country, leaving his home to take on a job that is in the coldest part of the country. And after some time he transitioned into the regular routine with everything going well, until one day his heart had had enough stress and gave him a serious wake up call. This landed him in the hospital and his sweet wife traveled to be with him, when he was released they traveled back home, only to have a second attack that was worse then the first. Of course the news traveled though the grapevine and what could any of us do? We prayed, and God listened and our friend is still with us and doing well. He said this was a clear eye opener and it made him see what he had been holding onto far longer than he should, he needed to set aside and go on with his life and take care of what is most important to him.
So now I'll tell you my story, it's no where near as dire or complicated as the last two. I spent the last few years trying to make a go at something that just doesn't seem at this point will ever be what I or others want it to be. I've worried and walked the floor at night trying to come up with a solution to make a small business thrive on very little money, and I don't have the answers that will make everyone involved happy.
Over time I had a dry patch of skin on my face that would not go away no mater what I used, then one day it started to bleed and I knew what it was, cancer. No Dr. was needed to diagnose this for me. It took a while but I finally acquired some health insurance and off to the Dr. I went. After a full routine checkup which included a mammogram the nurse said the Dr. wants to see you down the hall she has something on the monitor you need to see. One month later I was at another hospital having a biopsy, and what else could I do but pray. A week later, the longest week of my life I might add, I got the call, they said it's benign, for now.  And God listened.
Now my blood pressure spikes for no physical reason the Dr. can find other than stress. The stress over things that I can't control, and the stress over the fact that I've been holding on to something that is no longer good for me. It hasn't advanced me financially, I've given of my time and energy and I'm no better off now then I was this time last year. To be truthful I'm far worse off now than I was a year ago, so no, I'm not at all satisfied. What should I do? I know, maybe I should do what God does, just listen.
As we enter into a new year I hope you will take the time to listen, God has plans for us and He will show us what is important through the lives of those around us. And maybe we can make it easier on ourselves if we just listen.              

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tis the time of year for ornaments...

I've been up to my ears in ornaments, I got a late start painting this year but I'm gaining ground. I have one more show this weekend and our shop open house in another week I think I'll have enough.
I finished my my forth batch of the snowball ornaments last night.
 I'm starting on more of the winter wonderland ornaments this morning, I'll be at the Kris Kringle Market this weekend in Charles County Maryland. And this year for the first time I've opened a shop on our Nature's Treasure Cove page ( please like our page ), there are a few snowballs listed for sale and once the show is over I'll be making more jewelry to list for sale, just look for the shopping cart on the left side of the screen or click on shop. I've listed a couple ornaments on eBay this year, I'll be adding more things from my partners in crime as soon as I get the pictures and things settle down.
I hope your getting a good start on decorating and getting some shopping done. So far I have a tree up and lights on it but I've been busy painting ornaments instead of getting them on my tree, I'll get them on there soon. Have a great day and make it a wonderful weekend I'm off to the paint table.  

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