Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Morning I hope you had a good weekend. I haven't been painting in the past week because I have a nasty cold. Another reason I don't like Just 25 days till SPRING I've been counting down forever, looking forward to some green leaves on the trees again.

Yesterday I joined Facebook come on over and join me, also I'm now a Twitter so you might as well come tweet with me to.

If your painting today I hope all your base coats are smooth and all your brushes side load perfectly every time. Keep those brushes wiggling, until next time have a good day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My inquiring mind wants to know.

I'm a curious person, I want to know something about all the people that show up at my blog.
I'd like to know what's your interest in painting, you know all these things about me by just reading my blog. Yes I'm being . Now it's time to get to know you.

Are you a beginning painter or have you been painting for years?
Are you self taught?
Do you go to classes?
Do you get together with friends and paint?
What's your favorite thing to paint?

Alright now Don't be Shy, no body bites around here.... lol. It's your turn to share.

Monday, February 2, 2009

When I first saw the piece in "Painting" magazine I just had to paint it. I much rather have pie over cake any time so this cherry pie was fun to do. This piece was designed by Lynne Deptula. Her piece in the magazine was painted on a table runner made of canvas. But since I have a round table that didn't appeal to me. So I just cut a piece of wood to paint on and now this can be hung in the kitchen. That's one of the really cool things about painting you can always take a pattern and change the surface to get just the right thing to fit your decor.
Her saying that goes around the border says,,, Take a heaping cup of patience, a heart that's always true... add a dash of laughter, just a drop of tears well do. Sprinkle well with kindness, faith, and joy and serve to those who are dear to you.

Once I finished this one I painted a smaller piece with just a pie and the stack of bowls.
I thought if would look cute with other items as a wall grouping. This piece has inspired me to paint more piece's for the kitchen.

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