Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My inquiring mind wants to know.

I'm a curious person, I want to know something about all the people that show up at my blog.
I'd like to know what's your interest in painting, you know all these things about me by just reading my blog. Yes I'm being nosey...lol . Now it's time to get to know you.

Are you a beginning painter or have you been painting for years?
Are you self taught?
Do you go to classes?
Do you get together with friends and paint?
What's your favorite thing to paint?

Alright now Don't be Shy, no body bites around here.... lol. It's your turn to share.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

I am a self taught painter, I taught classes for 27 years in my home studio. I have been a CDA for 15 years. I haven't taught in 4 years, when I had 4 evening classes a week and one afternoon class. A group of friends got together to paint every Thur. afternoon for over 25 years. I love to paint but haven't painted in a few years. I really need to get back to it...
Happy Painting you do beautiful work...

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