Friday, January 20, 2012

Something Different

As I have mentioned before I'm a member of the Craft Guild Shop of St. Mary's.
There are several artists in the guild that paint using one medium or another. But one thing I found unique is something called Intarsia. It's putting together a design with the use of different types and colors of wood. My friend Hans makes these detailed pieces with small pieces of different types of wood that all come together to make something so beautiful and different. Who says you have to use paint to paint a picture.
He also cuts these designs and puts together these wooden plaques that I really like. He does one for every branch of the military.

We have lots of talent in the Craft Guild Shop, go to our web site and check out what the others are using their talents to make.
We are working on opening and online store hopefully that will be up and running
in the next month or so.

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