Thursday, May 22, 2014

Take time to create something

It took forever to get through the winter months and now here we just a few days before the long Memorial Day weekend. I've been busy leaning new things not paint related, but just as colorful.
I've been learning how to bead weave and I've incorporated some stained glass in my designs.
I've been asked which I like better painting or beading / making jewelry. My answer is I like which ever one is selling so I can pay my bills, no seriously I love working with color so as long as I have the challenge of taking anything and making something pretty and colorful I'm happy.

I like working with the glass I'm not that great at cutting glass but with a grinder I can make a presentable piece. I watch my friend Ginger work with glass and she picks up her glass cutter pushes it across a piece of glass and picks it up and breaks it with her hands just like nothing, I do that and use breaking pliers because doing it with my hands just doesn't work, it breaks just not where I intended it to...LOL. But I can say I'm getting better at it, Ginger has been doing it for probably 40 years, that's called experience.

I've been staying busy with the Craft Guild Shop you know there's always something to do, we had our first craft show of the year at the first of the month and it went well. We set up next door at the winery,
people came out they shopped and had some wine and enjoyed the free entertainment and we had beautiful weather, it was a good day. The next thing on the list is the Crab Festival next month. I'm working on getting as much made as possible and having some different things that I haven't had before.

I hope you have a chance to create something maybe take some time over the long holiday weekend and pull out some of your crafting supplies and get reacquainted them, you never know what might inspire you and what you might come up with besides it's good for the soul.
Make it a good weekend.

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