Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tis the time of year for ornaments...

I've been up to my ears in ornaments, I got a late start painting this year but I'm gaining ground. I have one more show this weekend and our shop open house in another week I think I'll have enough.
I finished my my forth batch of the snowball ornaments last night.
 I'm starting on more of the winter wonderland ornaments this morning, I'll be at the Kris Kringle Market this weekend in Charles County Maryland. And this year for the first time I've opened a shop on our Nature's Treasure Cove page ( please like our page ), there are a few snowballs listed for sale and once the show is over I'll be making more jewelry to list for sale, just look for the shopping cart on the left side of the screen or click on shop. I've listed a couple ornaments on eBay this year, I'll be adding more things from my partners in crime as soon as I get the pictures and things settle down.
I hope your getting a good start on decorating and getting some shopping done. So far I have a tree up and lights on it but I've been busy painting ornaments instead of getting them on my tree, I'll get them on there soon. Have a great day and make it a wonderful weekend I'm off to the paint table.  

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