Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

Now I know it's only June but for those of us that do craft shows that means the show season is only five months away. Yikes ONLY FIVE MONTHS, that's scary.

Anyway it's time to stock pile all the different designs that I plan to have for the season.

This is a new one for me it's an Ann Lalonde design.

I started out frosting the ornament with a spray on glass frost that you buy at the hardware store. Then paint a circle with a light blue acrylic paint. Then I transfered the pattern on with Graphic paper. Now they are ready for the pen and ink to draw the details of the design.

Once that's done I sprayed with a matt finish. Okay now the fun part.

The colors are done with oil paints and a transparent gel. I haven't worked with oils for more then thirty years, but as I worked on this I remembered a little of what I learned way back when...LOL

There are so many more colors available now it the stores and different mediums that I have never used but I'm going to play around with some of these things just to see what I can come up with.

I added a little glitter and used acrylics to add a little border around the design.

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