Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis' The Season

Tis The Season.
Yes it will soon be Christmas. I have always loved Christmas. When I was a little kid Christmas was like magic. The beautiful lights that all of a sudden just appeared out of no where and my mom would make the most amazing things just for the holiday. My dad would go out in the woods and come back a few hours later with a big tree. He would go up in the attic and bring down the lights and ornaments we would decorate the tree and the whole house. And nothing smelled as good as that tree.
I'm so blessed to have such great memories. So think about it for just a minute ,,,, what is your favorite memory of Christmas?

As your going through daily routine this Christmas season. Take the time to make a special memory that will stay with someone through their life time. When it's all said and done it's not the expensive gifts or how perfectly clean your house was that will stay in some one's heart. The things that people will remember will be the warm invitation to your home. A special card that lets someone know your thinking of them from across the miles or just down the street. Or pick up the phone and give someone a call just to say hi.

Just try not to get so busy that you forget the reason for the season. Make some time to be kind to someone.
Now get busy that tree is needs to be decorated, there are cookies waiting to be baked and the cards still have to be signed and mailed out.

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