Monday, March 2, 2009

Hen & Baby Chicks

I finally got my little hen and chicks done to go with my rooster. This is another pattern from Trish McMurry. I really like the little baby chicks. The one standing alone looks as if he's saying to the others " Aren't you going to come out and play" lol.
I live in a area that almost never gets a lot of snow usually only two to five inches for the whole winter. Well it started snowing yesterday afternoon and it didn't know when to quit. By 11pm last night is was snowing really hard then the winds started to howl at 50 + MPH. It sounded like a train coming through. Trees went down across power lines I'm lucky my power was only out for a few hours but there are others that still don't have their power back on yet.
When it was all said and done we got 12 inches of snow. I'm not a snow lover at all so it can't warm up and melt this mess soon enough for me. I just kept telling myself spring is coming.
For those to the north that might be getting that storm tonight stay in, stay warm and stay safe.

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