Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Spring

Well the calendar says it's spring but it still feels pretty darn cold to me. But surely it will be warming up soon. I've been very neglectful of my blog lately I've been sick for what seems like forever. But I'm feeling so much better now and raring to go.
I haven't done a lot of painting so this piece was from a while back the Iris is one of my favorite spring flowers. I did this for my front porch. I used Delta Crackle Medium on the background of this piece. Some people have a hard time using crackle medium but once you get the hang of it it's worth taking the time to learn how to use it.
First you base coat your background color on, once dry you you apply the coat of crackle medium. The directions say you can start when the crackle is still tacky to the touch. I like to let mine dry for a few hours or even over night. Now the fun part. For the top coat on this piece I used Light Ivory, pour the paint out on a pallet if your doing a large piece you'll need a lot of paint. With a large base coat brush fill that brush full of paint now start base coating as quickly as possible the paint your putting on will start to crackle right away. You don't want to work the paint on the surface to much because the it will mess up the crackle. Play around with this medium you'll like the look of it.

There are so many beautiful patterns for spring flowers make sure you check out the painting magazines they always have such cute things for Easter that you can paint to decorate your home with.

While I took a break from painting I was invited to the world of Face Book, so now I have a Face Book page. And for even more fun I just had to check out Twitter. LOVE IT!!!
Yes I'm a Tweep ( LOL... I think that's the right lingo ) I tweet on Twitter.
OMG Do you know how many interesting people there are that you can follow around the world, what really cracks me up is there are people following me.
So come Tweet with me look for furbycat , yeah that's

Happy painting till next time.

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