Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Time Bunnies

Once in a while I do a trash to treasure project and this is one of them. Old blown light bulbs some felt for ears and some hats make the cutest Easter bunnies. If you have a spring time tree these would be so cute hanging from a tree.

To make these you'll need your acrylic paints and a sponge brush. Make sure the bulb is clean I use alcohol and wipe them till dry. Then you use your sponge brush to pounce the paint onto the bulb this way you won't have a streaky base coat. I do 2 to 3 coats drying between coats until they are well covered. Then you paint on the bunnies muzzle and eyes. Cut some oval shapes for the ears and hot glue them to the metal part of the bulb. Then make a hanger for your hat I used ribbon. Now you can decorate your hats with all kinds of little things like the tiny eggs I used or bows, flowers I bet you can come up with all kinds of ideas. These make cute hostess gifts. Just remember they are glass and not for the little ones to play with.
Now are you going to make some light bulb bunnies? If you do send me a picture and I'll post them here through Easter. Email your bunnies to thefurbandi@msn.com And we'll show them off.

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