Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain ,Rain Go To Texas, They really need you.

Seriously ? More rain ? Things were just getting somewhat back to normal after Irene came through here with a vengeance. Irene dumped way too much rain and the winds were awful. Trees are down everywhere, folks around here haven't finished cleaning up behind her and now tropical storm Lee has moved right on up the coast and the rain is coming down. The craft guild shop where I'm selling my pieces has been closed for more then a week now. There is a small run that sits right beside the shop and normally it stays within it's banks but when Irene caused a flood surge of  four to eight feet the calm quite little run turned into a rolling river. See......
The row of shops in the back is where the shop is located, it's up off the ground about four foot or so but obviously that's not high enough. The shop on the left side of the picture is an Antique Center, they had about a foot of water in there. Luckily for the craft guild no ones items were destroyed, but the shop didn't fair so well.
Everything has been moved , carpets have been removed and new tile will take the place of the old carpet. Every inch will have to be treated for mold.  And I'm sure there will be some painting going on. So until all that is finished the shop is out of commission for a few more days.

So I suppose while all that is going on and the rain is coming down painting is as good a thing to do as any. I've been painting on ornaments and I'm going to do some fall pieces. Can't wait to do some of the table runners with the pretty fall leaves that Patty Rawlinson has done and a few other things I've seen in the Paint Works magazine.
Until next time, paint something that makes you happy.

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