Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season

If you have been following my blog the last few years you know that Christmas time is my favorite time to paint, and painting has filled every day the last few months.
I've painted so much that it seems life has passed by in a blur. Some times you have to take a break and go out and reconnect with the rest of the world. So last night all of the members of the Craft Guild Shop got together for their annual Christmas diner.There was lots of good food and conversation. The shop looks so nice with all the lights and decorated trees filled with ornaments that several of us make, all though the trees are not as full of ornaments as they were and that's a good thing, that means people are buying them.
On my way home I took the time to check out all the homes decorated with the beautiful lights of the season, here's what the house at the end of my street looks like...
 So my point is don't let the best season of the year pass you by without taking some time for yourself and enjoying all the beautiful sites around your neighborhood.
Now back to my painting projects, my buddy Hans is a wood worker and he always has some small leftover pieces of wood so now I'm using his scraps that he cuts for me to make word blocks. They have been fun to play with here's one of many sets for the winter season....
 This year folks are watching every penny trying to make ends meet and there might not be as much money for Christmas shopping so why not paint something to give to some on your gift list. Get out your brushes and see what you have laying around the house that you can paint up cute as can be. It doesn't mater if you paint ,sew, scrapbook whatever your passion is use it to make your gifts this year. 
Until next time happy painting.

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