Monday, July 1, 2013

Making Changes

There is a time when things just have to change. If nothing ever changes then you're not moving forward, I know there are people who really don't like change and that's sad when you are in business. Early on in my life I didn't like change but now in my later years I've come to realise the only way to move forward is to accept change. Our Craft Guild Shop is a co-op of 17 artists and crafters all very nice people until you mention making changes to the look of the shop or changes in how we do business. Our shop has been sitting there with the same look since they opened it about seven years ago, it's a nice shop very neat and
clean with wonderful handmade items to sell. The way it was set up was each vendor had their own space and that worked for a while. But then when you looked around you would see some people had their spaces overflowing with things and others had very little in their spaces.

Which seems like a waste of space.
And the colors on the walls left a lot to be desired and our lighting is not the best. Now the building doesn't belong to us we are renting so the lighting is someone else's responsibility, but the paint on the walls is an easy fix. So in a meeting it was brought up that we should take down the dividers and paint the room to open it up and make it lighter and brighter. We voted on it and everyone voted for the change.
When the work started the attitudes came out. This project is still in the works, we are still looking for a few pieces of furniture that we hope to find
to make display pieces out of and there will be more rearranging of things but overall it looks so much better now than it did. Customers have come in and made comments about how much lighter and brighter the room looks. We won't stop until we make the room look the best we can and have the merchandise displayed in the best possible light. So the moral of this story is go with the flow accept the change because it's how you grow and move forward. OK, that's enough about change I'm stepping down from my soapbox now.


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