Monday, June 17, 2013

Painting with purpose and re-purpose in mind...

Everyone who's ever read anything on here my blog knows I love paint and colors and painting cute designs.
Lately I've been thinking about painting on different surfaces. Everything old is new again and re-purposing
old pieces of furniture to make then look like pieces of art has caught my attention. At the Craft Guild Shop we have decided to give the shop a new look we are going to look for old furniture that we can take apart and make into our display pieces for the shop. That might mean taking a coffee table and adding some wood and paint and turning it into a shelving unit for a display, or using old wooden crates in a new way or turning a draw into a shelf this should prove interesting. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I've painted a few chairs and they have sold so I need to go old chair hunting. The chair in the picture says... To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens. I found the leaf design in Painting magazine. I had an old ironing board and I wanted to paint something on it so that it was more of a wall hanging that could be used all year then just a seasonal piece that sits in a corner somewhere. I took a couple of patterns and combined them to get this look. I find myself looking a old furniture and wondering what would look good painted on it or how I can re-purpose it into something else. I have to say it's a nice change from the usual flat surface that I normally paint on. Painting no old pieces does come with challenges such as cleaning it before you paint ( yuck ) and deciding weather to fill in the cracks in the wood or just paint around them, sometimes that works in my favor and sometimes not so much but you learn as you go.  
So when your thinking of your next painting project think about painting on something other then what you might find in the craft store and try working on something old that you would normally throw away and give it new life and purpose.

The summer solstice begins this week. I always look forward to summer each year. Life just seems a little more carefree to me, Things slow down a little, the kids are out of school and living next to a school I notice less traffic and it's just quite again. Folks are planning their vacations and there are ball games at every ball field in the evenings. It's light every evening until 9 pm and it's just nice to sit out on the porch and read or have a drink and think about nothing.
Take some time to relax and enjoy the summer season and be grateful for all of Gods favor.
Until next time, happy painting.

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