Friday, June 18, 2010

Feels Like Summer

Are you ready for Summer? I sure am , in just a few more days it will be officially SUMMER!!!
I like the long evenings when it's light long after 7pm. These are our longest day light hours of the year. It's nice to have warm days with the windows open again.
I've been painting but not the cute decorative paintings as usual but painting my house inside. Since 1962 the woodwork in this house has always been natural wood well it's time for a face lift
and a change. So all woodwork is being painted white, it's amazing how much it brightens the rooms.
Just that little touch of white paint and the rooms look so much lighter and brighter. Also I've taken out all the carpet and I'm back the oak hardwood floors, I'm thrilled at how nice the floors look after so many years of being covered with carpet.
So you see I've been busy and a with work and yard work my decorative painting has had to take a back seat the last thing I did paint was some cupcakes with a cute saying...
Everything is Better With Frosting on It.
The cupcake design was in "Painting" magazine the designer is Linda Hollander she painted them on mugs with Folk Art Enamels check em out.
It's going to be a beautiful day so find something that you enjoy doing and make it a great day.
Until next time Happy Painting


Lynn said...

Hope everything is ok I haven't seen you for a while...

Joyce said...

Hey Lynn, I'm ok thanks for asking. I've been really busy with work and working on my house all through the summer. I have neglected my blog terribly and I've missed reading everyone else's blogs.
Now I'm up to my ears in ornaments getting ready for the shows next month. I hope all is well with you.
Take care,Joyce

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