Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Waiting patiently...

Seems like winter wants to hold on forever this year. Twenty five degrees last night sure doesn't sound much like spring now does it. But the trees are budding and those little leaves are ready to come on out, just need some warm days and not so cold nights.
At the Craft Guild Shop are are so ready for spring, we can't wait for those warm days were we can open up the doors and let the fresh air in. We had our Spring Open House a few weeks ago and people came out to shop. They are buying new art work to add to their collections and pretty home decor items.
This Friday is Leonardtown First Friday, our Artist of the Month is George McWilliams. If you live in the area it will be worth the trip to come out to meet George. George is bringing prints as well as original pieces of work. George paints landscapes and I'd say he's best known for his maritime scenes. These scenes will take you back in time to the hay day of the water men who made their living on their boats working the water every day. Back in the day when the water was clean and the fish , crab and oysters were plentiful and at their best.

Growing up here in Southern Maryland in the 60's and 70's I remember when you could go out on the water and the boats of the men who made a living on the water were everywhere. And the other way these locals made a living was farming tobacco. The Tobacco farms were every where, now you have to look to find one
Now the agricultural farms are growing grapes, vineyards are popping up all over Southern Maryland as well as wineries. Well that's enough of me reminiscing, I hope you will take some time to check out a fine artist  and if you have some time Friday evening then stop by and meet him at the shop. . His work will be on display and for sale in our shop through the month of April.
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